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Sage Corps

Sage Corps is an education startup based in Chicago at 1871 that sends top college students abroad to work in startups for 8-12 weeks. The majority of their applications were for summer programs, but with the introduction of in-semester course credit programs, it was the perfect moment to refocus their platform.

Illinois Online Voter Registration

Redesign of the Illinois online voter registration was the result of a rapid design challenge. Guided and dedicated time to put UI/UX skills to the test with small and focused projects with a peer critique for continued iterations. With only four hours to build a profile, story, and create a design.

    Potential use cases:
  • Resident wants to complete a voter registration application
  • Resident wants to know the qualifications to register
  • Resident wants to find out if they are already registered
  • Resident want to know the status of their application
  • Key features:
  • Voter registration qualifications information
  • Voter registration lookup (to see if person is already registered)
  • Online voter registration application


Bringing together MBA Students and companies that otherwise might not find each other in the wild, I was tasked with generating a minimal viable product with an already established palette. What started with landing page designs grew into building site architecture, and even brand voice.


GreenKeeper's aim is to bring golfing to non-traditional demographics. With a mobile first and responsive web development. This porject is rapid prototyping done almost entirely in high-fidelity.

Other Works

Coastline Stability Project


to make things that work right sometimes that means thinking less, sometimes that means patience, but all things are compassion.

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